Who I Am

I am an Attorney…but I am also an Advocate, a Mediator, a Conciliator, and a Facilitator for families and children.

  • Activist with record of professional achievement and public service committed to improving the quality of life.
  • Articulate communicator, active listener, and skilled negotiator adept in effective facilitation, problem-solving, and consensus-building techniques.
  • Aptitude for evaluating, balancing, and responding to business and community needs throughout 30-year career.

What I Do

I help people transform their lives and prepare for the future by:

  • Resolving conflicts an create positive changes
  • Passing through transitions in their lives and ensure their future
  • Getting resources, tools and legal help to get to a better place
  • Empowering them to chart their own course
  • Help people resolve conflicts
  • Help people pass through transitions in their lives
  • Help people get resources, tools and legal help to get to a better place
  • Help empower people to chart their own course

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Why I Do It:

  • I care about the quality of life for children and families, both during and after divorce
  • I believe it is my sacred duty to leverage my skills and advocate for children and families
  • Our children and our families are the most precious thing in our lives
  • I care about quality of life for children and families
  • I’m an advocate for children and families. It’s a sacred duty.
  • Can help people make positive change in their lives, for themselves and their children

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What I Believe

  • Life experience and endeavors shape our core values.
    Empowerment is the most valuable, sustaining, and durable outcome in any legal dispute
  • Partner with client, serving as a guide in an unfamiliar and often scary world of legal conflicts
  • Lawyers should advise — and clients should decide.

Clinical Allied Healthcare Background

From 1976 to 1981, I evaluated and treated a full spectrum of physical therapy surgical and medical patients, with emphasis on all phases of cardiac rehabilitation and chest physical therapy; assignments included ICUs to out-patient clinics. Administrative duties included case management, documentation, patient care and planning.

Facilities included Lahey Clinic at the Deaconess Hospital, BU Medical Center, and NE Medical Center Hospital, Boston, MA. Former guest lecturer, medical-legal issues, Lasell College.

Academic Credentials and Licensures

1985 J.D. – New England School of Law, Boston, MA
Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers – Registration #545457

1979 B.S. – Boston Bouvé College, Northeastern University, Boston, MA
Massachusetts Allied Health Professions – Physical Therapy Registration #3742

Professional Memberships

International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation

Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council

Massachusetts Bar Association

Summary of Community Activism

Since 1989, I’ve been an advocate for excellence in public education, with broad knowledge base of school policies, procedures, and management. Assumed leadership roles in several ground-breaking endeavors, with emphasis on parental involvement and empowerment, strategic planning and development of outside resources.

Instrumental in addressing high-profile community issues; have served community in a variety of roles with emphasis on quality of life issues. Organizer, moderator and producer of multimedia productions, publications and political and educational public service programs.

Legal Career Summary

1995-2015    Sole Practitioner, Canton, MA

1991-1995    Practitioner in association with Gerald M. Kirby, Esq., Quincy, MA

1985-1991   Practitioner in association with Shannon Associates, Quincy, MA